PyData Track

This year, for the first time, the teams at PyCon UK and PyData London are joining forces to deliver a data science focussed track at the conference. We will be hosting a number of talks and workshops about data science at the the conference, and we are looking for members of the PyData community to submit proposals to the conference CFP.

What we are looking for

We are looking for speakers who wish to share their experiences of using Python in data science. Examples such as:

  • How existing Python packages helped you to achieve your project goals:
    • Data preparation
    • Statistical analysis
    • Machine learning
    • Data visualisation
  • Have you been working on developing your own Python applications for data science?
    • Even if these are a work-in-progress, this is a great forum to present these!

The time allocated for each talk is 25 minutes. If you are happy to receive any questions from the audience (this is not compulsory), then please allow time for these.

Previous PyData talks

If anyone would like to see examples of the sorts of talks that have been presented at PyData conferences in the UK in the past, these can be seen on the PyData YouTube channel.

Community Spirit

Both PyCon UK and PyData are thriving communities that want to help people to learn and develop their tech skills. We welcome talks from all backgrounds and all abilities, across both academia and industry. Even if this your first talk at a tech conference, you will be given a warm welcome, with many people happy to provide any assistance or guidance that you require.


In addition to our talks, we also have the possibility to host some workshops. These are held in the smaller meeting rooms at Cardiff Town Hall, and are a great chance to learn about new material. There will be a large variety of workshops held by PyCon UK, but we are looking at having some focussed on data science as well. If you have any material that you would like to present, then please get in touch.

Advice to applicants

If you do feel that your talk would be most suited to the PyData track, then please state this clearly on your submission.