TDD in Python with pytest

Leonardo Giordani | Friday 14:30 | Room I

In this tutorial I will start a simple Python project from scratch and will develop it together with the attendees following a strict TDD methodology. The testing framework in use will be pytest.

During the tutorial we will use Python 3, but the concepts introduced are valid for Python 2 as well.

To properly enjoy the workshop you need Python 3 (but Python 2 is fine) and pytest installed. Please refer to the documentation of your operating system of choice or search on Internet how to install the packages.

If you already have Python installed on your system, it should be enough to run

sh pip install pytest

in a terminal.

Clone the workshop repository as we will use it during the TDD session. If you properly installed the packages you should be able to run py.test -svv into the repository and see an output with one single test passing.