Raspberry Jam

education track | Saturday 09:30 | Room C

The timetable for Raspberry Jam is slightly different to the main conference timetable:

09:00 Welcome in Assembly Room

09:15 Physical computing with Python and Raspberry Pi

Learn to control real world devices using Python - this session is designed to show you the building blocks of any maker project

Ben Nuttall

10:15 Introduction to Minecraft Hacking for Teens and Teachers

Getting started with Python and MinecraftPi

Dave Ames

11:15 BREAK

11:30 Mu with Embedded Devices

Nicholas Tollervey and David Whale

12:30 Science in space!!

Build a science experiment using the Raspberry Pi, Sense HAT and camera module - and prepare it for space flight

Ben Nuttall

13:30 LUNCH

14:15 Python Project Pyrotechnics - Make a project to take home with you in our hackathon!

All hands on deck!

16:00 BREAK

16:30 Show & Tell in Assembly Rooms