Programming Music for Performance Workshop

Ryan Kirkbride | Thursday 14:30 | Room B

FoxDot is a Python library for interactive programming, specifically for live coding music. The library comes with its own editor that gives users the ability to edit their Python code while it is being run, allowing them to enter a feedback loop where they can execute code, listen to the result, then change the code and re-execute it based on what they hear.

The workshop will give you an overview of the musical possibilities of FoxDot and introduce you in depth to core constructs, providing you with enough knowledge to continue to develop your live coding skills after the workshop has finished. In this workshop you will learn how to create chord progressions and melodies, trigger samples, and algorithmically manipulate musical patterns, as well as a whole host of other cool stuff. Don't worry if you know nothing about music - you'll still be able to make tunes and rhythms in a matter of minutes. Headphones are encouraged!

FoxDot uses the audio synthesis engine, SuperCollider, which is required for the workshop - you can download it from for free. FoxDot is maintained at - where you can find some more detailed information on installation - but you can grab the latest version using pip install FoxDot. For more information, go to