Code Club

education track | Saturday 09:30 | Room B

The timetable for Code Club is slightly different to the main conference timetable:

09:00 Welcome in Assembly Room

09:15 Minecraft Traffic Lights with EduBlocks

Learn how to control the world of Minecraft using a visual drag and drop programming tool called Edublocks, and even create your own set of traffic lights. So come and join us for a fun packed session of physical computing.

Josh Lowe

10:15 Python with Code Club Projects

Learn how to code Python perhaps for the first time in this session with Code Club before embarking on projects this afternoon!

Code Club Rik and Tracy

11:15 BREAK

11:30 Physical Computing in a junk modelling workshop using Python

Find out how to put together a simple circuit and code it using Python then use your imagination to create an exciting project using coded LEDs and buttons.

Cat Lamin

12:30 Robot Top Trumps

Create a robot top-trumps game that you can play with your friends.

Code Club Rik

13:30 LUNCH

14:15 Python Project Pyrotechnics - Make a project to take home with you in our hackathon!

All hands on deck!

16:00 BREAK

16:30 Show & Tell in Assembly Rooms