An eye tracking system. From zero to... what eye learned.

Samuel Muñoz Hidalgo | Sunday 10:30 | Room L

In this talk I will show how to build an eye tracking system from scratch.

Once the approach (machine learning) and the tools (Python ecosystem) are set, the important tasks are: - Making users addicted to a game built with Pygame in order to generate data. - Unleashing the power of deep learning over GPU with Tensorflow to train an Artificial Neural Network. - Exploiting the training model in real time so as to control a computer with the eyes with PyAutoGUI.

The path is full of pitfalls and every clear single step to the goal turns out to be a mountain of small but very important subtasks. Every iteration is a continuous struggle just to gain a bit of accuracy.

Despite these efforts, at the very end we will see the difference between the theoretical and the real world. Our engineering skills will determine the usability of the new interface that allows us to move the mouse with our eyes; and we will learn that things don't need to be perfect, because humans are ...