Alzheimer's Disease challenge hackathon

Frank Kelly | Sunday 14:30 | Room L

This workshop is a chance to take part in the TADPOLE Challenge, to use data science to help identify people at risk of Alzheimer's Disease.

The TADPOLE Challenge was set up by volunteers at UCL with the aim of better understanding Alzheimer's disease using open source data. The dataset behind this is the Alzheimer's Disease Neuro-imaging Archive. In the competition, data scientists from around the world are competing for a prize fund of £30K to come up with the best model to predict outcomes of the disease in patients at risk using personal, genetic and medical imaging data.

If this sounds interesting to you, then please come along and meet us on Sunday afternoon. We're hosting a hackathon version of the competition, complete with leaderboard where you'll be able to get your hands on a lot of medical data and put your ML skills to the test. If you're not a data scientist, yet still fancy contributing Python skills towards this great cause then there will be tasks tailored to each teams' skillset. Come and join us on Sunday, let's make Alzheimer's Disease history!

Alzheimer's Research UK are offering £100 worth of prizes for participants in Sunday's workshop.