The Code of Conduct is here for you

Sasha Romijn | Saturday 15:00 | Room A

Many open source communities have now adopted Codes of Conduct. Django adopted one in 2013, the since then Django Software Foundation has had a Code of Conduct committee. The committee deals with CoC violations on e.g. mailing lists, aggregates reports from conferences, can check speaker lists against CoC reports and provide general advice and support. Django events tend to have their own CoC with their own CoC team.

Not everyone in the wider tech community is fond of Codes of Conduct. However, a lot of this reluctance is rooted in misunderstanding about what this actually entails, and what the committee and teams actually do in both their active and reactive roles.

That’s why this talk will give a peek behind the scenes of the work of the CoC committee and CoC teams, how incidents are actually handled with various real life examples, and how this leads to a better community for everyone. Including you.

Link to video