Implementing Custom Containers

Claus | Thursday 14:30 | Assembly Room

One often encounters the following situation(s): - I want to represent my data, - I want to read/write, load/dump or somehow get/save data, - I want to iterate over data.

Instead of inventing a completely new class that provides required functionality, it may make sense to mimic or subclass an already existing collection, e.g. a dict, add custom dunder (double underscore) methods and quickly end up with a container that not only serves your purpose but is also very natural to use.

After a short introduction in which we clarify some notions, we focus on two sample use cases: - How to extend a tuple to represent data? - How to implement a dict-like container for data handling?

Throughout the talk we will discover some of the most often needed dunder methods that define a container's behaviour.


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