from __future__ import profit

James Campbell | Sunday 10:30 | Room D

TL;DR - a light hearted introduction on how to make $$$ trading Bitcoin with Python

The recent explosion of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies has presented a fantastic opportunity for the small amateur trader. In August 2015, 1 Bitcoin could be bought for $200 and 2 years later as I type this sentence the price has increased to $4211. This talk will explain WHY crypto currencies in particularly are so profitable, and HOW we can take advantage of the situation using Python.

A few months ago I had no understanding of altcoins or the block chain and had never invested or traded any money in my life. This changed very recently when I set myself the challenge of turning my Raspberry Pi into a profitable trading bot. During some initial research I stumbled upon the world of crypto currency trading and was completely hooked.

If you're interested to hear about my experience (and find out whether I've actually made any money) then please come along. No knowledge of trading, bitcoin or anything particularly technical is required.

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