The John Pinner Award


The annual John Pinner Award celebrates voluntary service to the Python community in the UK. It's for those who freely contribute time and effort for the good of the community but who generally don't get the sort of recognition others may enjoy.

This is an annual award announced at the start of each annual PyCon UK conference, so recipients at the conference may enjoy a weekend of recognition from the wider community in attendence.

It is only possible to win the award once.

Recipients of the award will receive a free ticket to next year's PyCon UK and a token in recognition of their efforts (a rare beautifully Pythonic medal).


John Pinner founded and organised PyCon UK until he passed away in 2015. He was the personification of a Pythonista who gave time, code and effort back to the community. He was a role model, mentor and teacher who is sorely missed by many.

With the blessing of the Pinner family, the UKPA is initiating the award to honour and remember John's extraordinary contribution to our community.


The award is administered by at least two returning officers. The returning officers may not receive the award and any nominations for them will be discarded. For this year the returning officers are Nicholas Tollervey and Peter Inglesby.

Nominations from the wider Python UK community are made simply by filling in the form embedded below. The returning officers will confirm each nomination meets the requirements outlined above (specifically, that the nomination is for Python related community service in the UK and the nominator is a real person).

The recipients of the award will be the most nominated people in any annual nomination period of the award. Finally, a nominee isn't eligable until three separate nominations are received in support of them.

If required, the private records associated with this process can be made available (in the form of a spreadsheet) upon request to the returning officers. A list of recipients will be kept on the UKPA website.

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